Why can’t I register all TLD’s?

With some top level domains the responsible registry prescribes to state an Admin C (Administrative contact) from the respective country or domains an Owner C from the European Union. In this case you can also state a trust person after their approval from the respective region to be able to register the desired domain. Should you have no person who has your residence in the presumed area, we do offer our Trustee-Service for this position. You can see if a trustee is available for your desired domain on the Details Page for the desired Domain.

How long does it take till my domain is available?

The registration itself is performed by us for all domains in real time. Your domain will be available within minutes.

For more exotic domains such as .io (Indian Ocean) or .cx (Christmas Island) the registration can take a few days to complete, because the competent Registration Authorities are not fully automated yet. Until the domain is technically reachable, depending on the TLD, it can take approximately 12-48 hours.

Are there domains with umlauts or numbers?

Yes, you can register umlaut domains at easyname. But please note, that umlaut domains are not available for all TLDs. To check whether your umlaut is available in the desired domain name TLD, please start a domain search on the main page of easyname by entering the desired domain.

What is a TLD?

“TLD” stands for “Top Level Domain”. The Top Level Domain (TLD) is the address at the highest point of the hierarchy. It is at the end of the domain, separated from the rest with a point. Each TLD is used by a particular authority management. There are country-specific TLDs (country code Top Level Domains – ccTLDs like .at, .ch, .com, .eu,…) and domains that generically specify the type of the page content (Generic Top Level Domains – gTLDs, such as: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tv, .fm, …)

What is a domain?


A domain is a name on the Internet (eg, and can be used for a homepage address ( and for e-mail addresses ([email protected]). Technically, a domain name is the translation of an IP address (eg This is a numeric code, needed by computers to communicate on the Internet. Each domain is unique in the world, otherwise, no content could be clearly identified.

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