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On the website Good day,our company ”EASY ROAD LIMITED”  (Public offer (offer) online store)sells domains.It is a good investment in cyber squatting — purchasing domain names similar to the names of well-known companies, or just “expensive” names with a view to their resale or advertising and business. I also want to say that we are engaged in the interception of domains that the company forgot to pay.And resell domains  from companies and individuals. Thus, you get promoted domain and profit in the Internet from day one.  

How do we pass after buying the Domain name  !!!

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How to take a domain we sold you.Push allows you to transfer a domain within the same Registrar. After buying domain you need to do is email us at [email protected] 1) The date of purchase. 2) Name/Surname. 3) To Register with the Registrar of the domain and provide us your ID (personal account number). 4) We inform the control key to the buyer. The buyer clicks on the link to accept the domain and introduces the control key on the confirmation page.